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Taia Translations

Project Manager

Taia Translations

Project Manager


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competitive salary


General Management, Operations



your profile

  • You are no stranger to managing translation and localization projects and have at least 5 years of experience under your belt.

  • You have crazy skills when it comes to handling files, being able to recognize, use and convert various file types with utmost ease.

  • You are tech-savvy, with advanced knowledge of MS Office tools, Adobe products, CAT tools, MT, TMs etc. The more, the better.

  • You are incredibly fast at picking up and mastering new programs and tools when needed.

  • You know how to juggle between multiple projects and responsibilities all at once and manage to stay organized while doing so.

  • You have the keenest of eyes for detail (nothing can escape your watchful eye).

  • You are warm person, approachable, empathetic and a great communicator.

  • You are looking for a dynamic, agile work environment, where you will be able to make a lasting impact.

  • Your written and spoken English is excellent and if you mastered any other language on top of that - we are all for it.

  • Having a language, translation or localization degree is a plus.

  • Affinity for a start-up environment in tech and AI is a huge plus as well.

about the company

Taia Translations is a modern translation platform, where we help companies translate their documents, websites, and other content with AI-assisted, human perfected translations.

diversity statement

"Check out our website and our values!"

is looking for you!

your area of responsibility

  • You will be running multiple translation projects simultaneously, while being responsible for the entire project management process from preparing personalized quotations to delivering the best final translations to the client.

  • You will be the main point of contact for both vendors and clients, ensuring that both sides have the best possible experience with Taia.

  • You will be responsible for preparing quotations that address all our clients’ needs and result in a high acceptance ratio of our offers.

  • We are striving toward continuous improvement, so we will give you the chance to actively contribute to optimization and improvement of our existing project management processes.

  • You will be in contact with our sales representatives on a daily basis to ensure that all our clients’ needs and project-related information are properly communicated so that projects can run smoothly and successfully.

  • You will be using various internal and external resources to match each project with a vendor that has just the right blend of expertise, skills and experience that the project requires.

  • You will be our Quality Assurance knight - making sure that all projects our clients receive are nothing short of perfect, both quality- and expectation-wise.

  • You will adhere to the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 standards and make sure that all the steps in our project management process are compliant with them.

  • You will issue invoices for specific projects and take responsibility for other PM administrative tasks.

  • You will actively collaborate with our development team with the aim to report any bugs in the Taia app you might encounter and to actively contribute to the development of new features in the app.

  • You will be leading a team of 4 PMs and 3 in-house translators, providing them with support, guidance and regular feedback.

  • You will oversee all project management processes and make sure they are constantly improved.

  • You will oversee all client complaints and make sure they are resolved quickly and effectively.

the benefits

  • We provide competitive pay and all the tech gear you might need.

  • We provide full support for relevant training, coaching and mentoring of your choice with a specific budget allocated just for that - we want to help each individual to become a true master of their craft.

  • Since we are growing fast, we can offer excellent career development opportunities.

  • We offer flexible working hours and the option to work from home, we are also open to working across different time zones.

  • You will be working in a young, relaxed, and open environment with a big emphasis on company culture and values.

  • Your work, ideas and suggestions will have a direct impact on our product, services and Taia as a company.


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