Summer Scheme 2023 (CEE)


Summer Scheme 2023 (CEE)


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competitive salary

Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia

Administrative, Operations, Human Resources / Recruiting


in-office, flexible

your profile

  • You like to work towards honest, inspiring, and challenging objectives;

  • You want to create a tangible impact on the business;

  • You have a competitive mindset and work to achieve the best possible outcomes;

  • Kindness, humility, self-awareness, and candour are all part of your DNA;

  • You are not afraid of taking risks, and you feel empowered by extreme ownership;

  • You prioritise the team's success rather than your own;

  • You're always striving to become a better version of yourself;

  • Problems are learning opportunities;

  • You're a dreamer, a thinker, and a doer - all in one.

You are eager and enthusiastic to learn and grow with us, as well as apply your academic findings from university to create solutions that best meet our customers' needs. You are also keen on always delivering beyond the expectations. You are passionate on delivering value and not afraid to make mistakes.

You are also:

  • Currently in your penultimate year (year before final year) or final year of university

  • Pursuing a bachelors or masters degree

  • Available for 10 weeks during the summer of 2023

  • Flexible to work in one of our offices based on operational and business needs

about the company

SaltPay was founded in 2019 to create affordable, fast and secure payments and software solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses manage and grow their operations better. Taken for granted by banks and traditional service providers, small businesses have especially struggled to get access to the financial services and software they need.

diversity statement

"SaltPay is a place for people who can challenge the status quo. People who believe they can make a difference in the world by participating in a business model designed to create a more balanced and fair market. More than experience, we believe in potential and that a human's learning ability is limitless. "

is looking for you!

your area of responsibility

Your application for the Summer Scheme isn’t for a particular team but rather, an application to be a part of the change that SaltPay wants to create. Although your work might be within a particular team, you will have the opportunity to interact and work with people from other teams while collaborating towards achieving the overall mission.

If you are selected for the Summer Scheme, you will be allocated a team to work with over the 10 weeks. Previous interns have worked in teams including Tech, People, Sales, Finance, M&A, Legal, Customer Relations, Communications, Logistics. The allocation will be based on what you’re studying at university, your skills, interests, business needs among other factors.

All these teams have their own goals but ultimately, the mission is the same - to serve our merchants in the best way that we can.

Your mission

SaltPay strongly believes in the power of giving responsibility to young, zealous and talented people who have the capacity to learn and adapt quickly, and it is for these people that the SaltPay Summer Scheme exists.

Over the course of 10 memorable weeks, you have the chance to work on projects that directly add value to the business and positively impact our CEO’s - the merchants. In the past, interns have worked on a variety of things including but not limited to mapping our sales operations challenges, improving processes, working on important antitrust cases, building new systems to manage logistics and applicants, rolling out softwares and researching new market opportunities.

The program is structured so that students are challenged to take responsibility and learn by themselves, but also receive feedback from their team and leaders.

Being invited to join SaltPay full-time upon graduation depends on your performance and team requirements among other needs.

the benefits

  • We trust you, so we offer flexible working hours, as long it suits both you and your team;

  • Private Health Insurance;

  • Meal Allowance;

  • Public Transportation Card;

  • 25 days of Annual leave (+ national holidays);

  • Frequent team events & activities in the office and outside;

  • Possibility to visit other company offices to meet colleagues in instances when travel is safe and appropriate;

  • Office snacks every day; Friendly, comfortable and informal office environment;

  • Team events & activities in and outside the office; AYCM;


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