Product Engineer



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Czech Republic

Information Technology, Engineering


in-office, flexible

Product Engineer

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your profile

  • Experience with building and hosting software products from the point of inception to release and maintenance.

  • Experience developing software for the Web platform.

  • Willingness to learn and uphold our high engineering standards.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Able to communicate effectively in the English language

  • Experience with Javascript or Python

  • Nice to have: Experience with React, Django or Kubernetes.

  • An eye for designing UIs using for example Figma

about the company

Parrot is a national court reporting service that modernizes the transcription process. We empower highly trained reporters with automated speech recognition technology to deliver more accurate transcripts, making attorneys more effective and efficient.

diversity statement

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your area of responsibility

  • Work with engineers across the company to build new features and products.

  • Work with product managers to crystallize feature specifications and designs.

  • Understand the end-to-end software development process and own your parts within it.

the benefits

  • Putting our hearts and minds into it. We wouldn’t be able to get where we are without having a passion for what we do. We do care about good work-life balance, but sometimes we expect each other to put the extra effort into delivering a project on time or adding that extra touch to a feature.

  • Individual growth. We strongly believe that the growth of our team members is tied to the growth of Parrot. And went the extra mile to built effective processes to support that.

  • Shipping good software. We care about great developer experience which enables us to quickly develop high-quality user experiences. It is also what allowed us to build so much with our current team.

  • Great communication. Parrot’s team works from four countries and three continents. Good communication is the key to being able to operate efficiently.

  • Stepping outside of our boundaries. As we’ve grown we had to start specializing more in the areas where our experiences and talents lay. But we still cover each other's backs and step outside of our boundaries when someone needs support. We believe that’s a core principle of good collaboration.


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