Medium-level/Senior Frontend Developer



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Medium-level/Senior Frontend Developer

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We believe you can be phenomenally successful in this role if you recognize yourself in the description below. Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of the criteria—we value people who understand their weaknesses, and actively help all of our colleagues to improve. We are also looking for developers with different levels of experience 

• You have experience working with frontend web technologies (e.g. React, Angular, Vue, etc) 

• You are keen to write tests alongside your code to be confident in its stability and quality (we test with Jest, Nock and Selenium) 

• You can code site components from a designed wireframe (e.g. Figma) 

• You are a quick thinker, able to solve complex problems with ease 

• You are not rattled by change and ambiguity, but actively seek to try new approaches and change course flexibly when it makes sense 

• You are enthusiastic to learn new skills and share them with your colleagues 

• You experience mistakes as part of being human instead of blaming the person who committed them (be it you or others) and regard it as an opportunity to learn and grow 

• You are willing to take part in inevitably boring or dirty work, as well as inspiring and interesting tasks 

What will really knock our socks off: 

• That you have experience with mentoring junior developers 

• That you are familiar with design systems (e.g. Atomic, Material, Ant design) or the OpenAPI v3 standard or Redux-Saga 

• That you have contributed to building a CI/CD pipeline that was used for developing, testing and deploying a product

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your area of responsibility

• Help in revamping our web applications using React/Redux 

• Collaborate with people from different teams to achieve the best solution for every department involved 

• Be involved in technical and architectural decision-making processes 

• Be encouraged to constantly learn and grow as a developer as it suits you best, like attending workshops, conferences or reading as many books as you want from our library 

• Mentor junior colleagues

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