Senior Product Engineer


Senior Product Engineer


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€68,271,91 gross/year

Germany, Remote

Information Technology



your profile

• You care about what you build. You don’t just code for a paycheck, but for a cause. You have a list of companies you’d never work for, and a list of things you want to change in the world (we hope to be in the latter! 😅)

• You need to build products that you love, just as much as the users you build it for. For you, the products that you build are far more important than the tech you use to build them. At the end of the day, the only that matters is that users are delighted.

• You have an entrepreneurial mindset. Even when you don’t feel confident, you take risks and seize opportunities, knowing that failing is the fastest way to grow.

• Where's the tech stuff? 🤓👩🏾‍💻

Here's the buzzwords galore you've been waiting for:

NodeJS and TypeScript, Python, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, SwiftUI, Reactive architecture, Functional Programming, Segment and Amplitude.

about the company

Meet BUNCH, the AI leadership coach on a mission to help anyone become a great leader. BUNCH enables you to overcome everyday leadership challenges with personalized 2-minute leadership tips - all in the format of a sleek, intuitive app.

diversity statement

"Check out our website and our values!"

your area of responsibility

• Ship what you build right into the hand of users. You own the process of delivering features in a delightful way, just as much as you own the process of building them.

• Proactively learn about how people use what you’ve built and shipped. You won’t stick to tech stuff only, such as from performance traces, logs, crash reports; you will also learn from users directly, what they’re saying on Twitter or what comes out from user interviews, etc.

• Help the team grow our user base: at Bunch, growth and product are the same thing. The reason why? They both need to delight our users, and serve the same goal: help people become better leaders.

• Ensure that the experiences you deliver to users are frictionless, even if takes more time or 10x more effort to iron out details until they're perfect.

• Collaborate and pair program, mostly focused on our backend, but you’ll also jump on some React frontend and help our iOS app now and then.

• You will work other techies, the CTO, Product people (incl. the CEO), our Growth team but also our content team, creating the amazing scientifically backed tips that make the core of our App! This team is as cross-functional as it gets.

• You’ll get involved in hiring your peers. Whether helping to reach out a more

diverse audience, getting in touch with people you admire and want to work with, or take part in mentoring and other activities to build your own network.

the benefits

🌎 Full remote / work from anywhere


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